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Frequently Asked Questions

ASCM Website FAQs

With the announcement of ASCM, we realize that there will be many questions about this exciting launch and how it will affect APICS members and customers. Below are FAQs organized by audience. These FAQs will be updated regularly to reflect new announcements and information.

If you have any questions that are not addressed below, please contact us at

General FAQs

The supply chain landscape is changing at an increasingly rapid pace, fueled by technological advances, consumer demands and more. The leaders of APICS recognized these changes as an opportunity to fulfill a market need with the launch of the Association for Supply Chain Management. As the largest global nonprofit association for supply chain management, ASCM is an unbiased partner and thought leader in your journey to supply chain transformation and excellence.

Our mission is to be the global leader in supply chain management transformation — every aspect, every audience. We will continue to hold ourselves to the highest standards, while we constantly redefine what’s standard. We are and will be driven by a desire to do more than just move the dial — to propel supply chain forward and transform how organizations do business.

It was important for the ASCM logo to be distinct from the APICS logo. The ASCM logo also portrays a sense of motion and direction signifying the constant movement and change within supply chain. The green color distinguishes the ASCM logo from APICS and other organizations in the market. Green was also chosen to communicate renewal, growth, energy and the environment.

ASCM's largest differentiator is our network of global alliances and thought-leadership collaborations, which allows us to provide products and services for supply chain leaders and global organizations that have an end-to-end impact on supply chains around the world.

The APICS brand and logo will continue to be a part of ASCM. APICS credentials (CPIM, CSCP, CLTD and SCOR-P) and the APICS body of knowledge will continue to be a global standard in learning and professional development for 60 years. Companies around the world recognize APICS certifications when recruiting and making hiring decisions. APICS North America Chapters and International Partners have been integral in providing members and candidates with the networking and training necessary to enhance their careers and earn their APICS certifications. Therefore, we will continue to uphold the credibility and integrity of the APICS learning systems, training and certification programs - all under the ASCM umbrella.

The Mission of APICS continues as it has for 60 years: to foster the advancement of global supply chain learning and development through world-class certification and training, and by bringing the community of supply chain professionals together to share and learn from each other.

The APICS website ( will remain the same until the end of 2018. Beginning in early 2019, membership will be accessible on the new ASCM website ( will become the exclusive destination for all things related to APICS CPIM, CSCP, and CLTD certifications and certification training courses offered through APICS North America Chapters and International Partners. Until further notice, please continue to visit for all transactions and purchases. We will notify members and customers of any changes happening to and beginning in 2019. Visit to sign-up for news and updates on ASCM.

ASCM works with a global network of world-class organizations. These collaborations fuel opportunities to initiate supply chain innovation and deliver a portfolio of products and services to our members and customers worldwide.


In early 2019, your APICS membership will automatically transition to ASCM membership. You will continue to enjoy the traditional APICS member benefits, as well as some new and exciting benefits from ASCM. You won’t need to do anything for this change to happen, except ensure you renew your membership by your renewal date. You will receive a new ASCM membership card in early 2019. Your original join data and expiration date will remain the same. To access your member benefits, please login to MyApics.

If you are already an APICS member, your membership will automatically transition to ASCM in early 2019. If you would like to become an APICS member (transitioning to ASCM in 2019) visit

Membership options will include CORE and PLUS for North America and International individuals. If you are a student, young professional, academic, or military, you’ll apply the appropriate discount to your membership order during the join process. CORE and PLUS members receive many of the same benefits, PLUS members receive discounts and free downloads for certification-related products.

No. In early 2019, only ASCM membership will be available. All active APICS members will become ASCM members. Any new members who join in 2019 will become an ASCM member.

APICS Chapters and Training Partners will continue to be part of ASCM’s portfolio of APICS offerings, including certification training and local networking opportunities. If you are already a member of a local chapter or partner, nothing will change in 2019, except you will be an ASCM member with an affiliation APICS local chapter. APICS chapters will continue to play a vital role in local, community outreach related to the APICS portfolio. Beginning in 2019, members who join ASCM will also be prompted to choose a local APICS partner. Current members will retain their ASCM membership in addition to their connection with their local APICS chapter/partner.

Visit the APICS Partner Finder and search for a local chapter or international training partner.

APICS magazine will be renamed and relaunched to become a publication of ASCM in 2019. If you have paid to receive APICS magazine, you will start receiving the ASCM magazine (name TBA) in 2019. The new ASCM magazine content will also be available online.

If you are a current APICS member, you will receive a new ASCM membership card and details about the change in early 2019.

ASCM member dues are not changing or increasing for the launch of ASCM.

For more information or questions about Membership, contact Customer Support at or call: 1-800-444-2742 or 1-773-867-1777.

No. Your first join date will remain based on when you joined APICS.

APICS Certification

There will be no changes to your APICS certification. We encourage you to maintain your APICS certification as recognition of your expertise and knowledge of supply chain. CPIM, CSCP and CLTD will remain active under the APICS brand as part of ASCM.

No, the process of earning APICS Certification will not change.

Access to your certification information has not changed. Please login to MyAPICS to view your information.

Your APICS certification maintenance and maintenance expiration date will not be affected. To manage your APICS Certification maintenance, or view your expiration date, please login to MyAPICS.

Your APICS certification(s) will not be affected and your current certificate will still be valid.

For more information or questions about APICS Certification, contact Customer Support at or call 1-800-444-2742 or 1-773-867-1777.

Corporate Members & Group Training

In early 2019, APICS corporate members will become ASCM corporate members.

You and your company will have access to the same corporate membership benefits with ASCM that you had with APICS. Additionally, new ASCM benefits will become available during 2019.

This change will have no impact on current training programs. In addition to gaining access to new resources and benefits, ASCM members will continue to have access to the same tools and resources they had through APICS.

Yes. ASCM will begin to offer new programs and benefits in the coming year. More information on these offerings will be updated on Or sign-up at to get notified when new programs and services become available.

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